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Tote leather bag bag, Hand tooled leather bag, black bag

Featuring a gorgeous chiseled artisan design, this rustic hand-tooled tote will help you bring a little VINTAGE flair to your everyday outfit. The perfect size for fitting all of your everyday essentials, this purse was actually handmade by talented artisans, giving it a rustic touch that’s hard to find in stores. This one-of-a-kind bag is the perfect way to make a statement about your style and courage! Show the world that you've got a wild side, and take on life with a touch of unique character and flair.


⚪height:28 cm. (11 inches)
⚪width at the bottom: 28cm. (11 inches)
⚪ Width at the top: 38cm. (15 inches)
⚪base:13 cm. (5 inches)
⚪straps:22cm (8.5 inches)
⚪zippered at the top
⚪interior: 2 zippered small compartments
lining: suede leather

Color: Black