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Women leather bag backpack, hand tooled leather, brown bag

Featuring a gorgeous chiseled artisan design, this rustic HAND TOOLED LEATHER will help you bring a little vintage flair to your everyday outfit with a rustic touch that’s hard to find in stores.
This Bag Backpack comes chiseled both sides, convertible design, it can be used as a BAG or as a BACKPACK .
Crafted from GENUINE COWHIDE LEATHER and best for casual and everyday wear

height:32 cm. (12 1/2 inches)
width: 28cm. (11 inches)
base:12 cm. (4 1/2 inches)
backpack straps: 80 cm (31 inches)
Bag strap: 109 cm. 43 inches
interior: suede leather
zippered at the top
interior: 1 zippered small compartment

color: dark brown

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